Scalar 5G Protect Disc (2 for 1 Special)

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  • Balance the body and neutralize the negative effects of EMF/EMR
  • Apply directly to back of phone or inside of case
  • Scalar Energy does not degrade over time and will last as long as the phone does
  • Each Disc programmed with hundreds of frequencies known to be beneficial to humans

Below was thermal imagining photography taken showing the clear effects of phone usage before and after the introduction of the Scalar 5G Protect Disc:

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The 5G Revolution is here and with it come unknown and unstudied health risks. 5G is hundreds of times more powerful than 4G and the harmful effects of EMF/EMR have been discussed for years With 10’s of millions of 5G transimitters being installed across the nation, you will be bombarded more than ever before. Start protecting yourself and your family now with the Scalar 5G Protect Disc.

Reasons to Protect Now:

  • 5G is 100X Stronger than 4G
  • Requires Millions of Transmitters
  • New Type of Millimeter Wave
  • Effects are Unknown
  • Children Under 18 at Highest Risk