About Us

The Future of Energy is Here!

Nikola Tesla, considered by many to be the greatest inventive mind to ever live, considered Scalar Waves to be the foundation of the universe. Advances in Quantum understanding have led to recent breakthroughs in Frequency and Energy transmittal and storage. We’ve married these advances to such age old principles as acupuncture to create a line of Scalar Infused Products for the benefit of all humanity.

Study after study has demonstrated the harmful effects the pollutants all around us are having on our health. Not only do Environmental and Dietary Pollutants adversely effect us all, we are now beginning to better understand the effects of Electromagnetic Pollutants.

Our goal is to provide products and information to help bring us all back into balance. By utilizing these Advances in Quantum Technology to mimic the most base frequencies of a given object, we can transmit them and store them in our products.