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For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with Arthritis, Backaches,
Sprains, Bruises, Strains and Stiffness.

SCALAR ENERGY Programmed with Frequencies from Hundreds of Natural and Man-Made Relief Products

NEW Product

Scalar Pain Relief Cream

Premium All Natual, Long Lasting Relief

  • FDA Registered and Approved for OTC sales. Clinical Studies Prove its Effectiveness:
  • 83% of participants had 60-90% LESS PAIN within 5 minutes of applying Scalar Pain Cream.
  • 94% of extreme pain is reduced within 7 days after beginning Scalar Pain Relief Cream
  • 100% of pain is GONE within 14 days after beginning Scalar Pain Relief Cream


100% Natural

New Quantum Science

24+ Hour Relief

Stays On All Day Long.

100% Guaranteed

30 Day - Money Back

Easy Returns

No Questions Asked

New Products

Our Revolutionary Products are all Scalar (Tesla) Wave Infused with their Own Unique Blends of Frequencies & Energies Designed to Bring the Body to Balance.

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Customer Reviews

"This patch really works. It stayed in place on my lower back for over 24 hours and through 2 showers. Great product!"
M. Carter
"I have a 5G Protect Disc for each phone in my family. We've all talked about how we feel more focused and alert since we did!"
D. Wilson
"I was skeptical at first, but these really helped with my headaches."
R. Murrows

Scalar Frequency Benefits

Scalar's Proprietary Products bring unique and beneficial results

Scientifically Proven

We have thoroughly tested our products to show the unique benefits of Scalar Energy. Learn more about these exciting Quantum Breakthrough Discoveries below:

Know the Risks of 5G

5G is Here. Is Your Family Safe?

  • 5G is 100X Stronger than 4G
  • Requires Millions of Transmitters
  • Frequency Originally Weaponized
  • New Type of Millimeter Wave
  • Effects are Unknown!
  • EMF/EMR Dangers are Real

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