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Our products have been subjected to numerous and various types of testing to demonstrate the effectiveness of this Scientific Breakthrough. Read below for summaries of different testing:

Blood Study

Blood Study

We took our Scalar Relief Patches to a blood specialist to see for ourselves the amazing effects they have on blood flow and circulation.

The Purpose: Examine the effectiveness of the Scalar Relief Patch on red blood cells, and the effect on circulation and overall blood flow.

The Claim: Increased circulation and Zeta potential promotes relief by increasing the amount of vital oxygen and nutrients reaching the area of application. The effect is made possible from the patch causing a thermoelectric effect with the skin, much like with acupuncture. This effect is further enhanced by programming of longitudinal Scalar Waves, with frequencies, color, geometry and numbers known to be beneficial into the holographic patches. 

The Test

Test Type: Single blind evaluation: Programs imprinted into the Scalar Relief Patch applied to subjects was unknown to investigator at the time of testing. Test was conducted for evaluation purposes.

Live Blood Test:

  1. First control was to prick the finger of a live test subject and place live blood under Richardson Microscope for observation. 
  2. Next a Scalar Relief Patch was placed on the subject’s right wrist on a common acupuncture meridian point. 
  3. Follow-up within 5 minutes – Live test subject had finger pricked again and live blood placed under Richardson Microscope for observation.
  4. Live blood tests before and after were recorded.


The Conclusion!

Comparison of before and after tests of the Scalar Relief Patch exhibited a marked decrease in blood flow viscosity, which is consistent with improved metabolic parameters normally seen in blood with the proper Zeta potential.

The blood cells reflected increased separation, spin and vibration rate within 5 minutes of applying the Scalar Relief Patch. Allowing individual blood cells to move more freely improves overall blood viscosity and flow and balances the system to the proper Zeta Potential.

Zeta potential is a measure of the electrical force that exists between atoms, molecules, particles, and cells in a fluid. Zeta potential’s strength determines the amount of material (nutrients, wastes) that fluids such as your blood and lymph can carry. Increasing the electrical force in the solution allows the fluid to dissolve and hold more material. In this way, more nutrients can be carried throughout your body and accumulated deposits of waste can be removed. 

Blood Roping before Patch

When the zeta potential is too low, blood begins to coagulate. This is a condition known as intravascular coagulation (roping). Blood becomes a sludge that is increasingly difficult for the heart to pump, and decreasingly effective at performing the usual functions of blood. "Blood sludge" is widespread in the U.S. population (more than half the population will die from heart problems).

Improved Blood Flow after Patch

With Zeta potential restored and balanced the blood is no longer clumped and coagulated, promoting better nutrient intake and waste removal for each cell. The immediate effects of the Scalar Relief Patch are clear!

Thermal Imaging Tests

To further demonstrate beneficial effects of our Scalar Products, we utilized Thermal Imaging of a subject’s head after using a cell phone for 15 minutes to show the immediate impact of our Scalar Technology. The images speak for themselves. 

Before Scalar Exposure

Before applying a Relief Patch, you can clearly see higher levels of thermal "temperature" and inflammation.

After Applying Scalar "Protect" Disc

After the same amount of cell phone usage, but now with a Scalar "Protect" Disc applied to the phone. Lower levels of heat and inflammation.

University Study

We took our Scalar Strength Bands to the University of Alabama to test their effectiveness in enhancing workouts. The results surprised everyone but us!

  • Session 1 – Determine each individual’s 10-Rep Weight Max.
  • ***7 Day Rest Period to ensure no lingering DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)***
  • Sessions Two and Three
    • After reaching volitional fatigue for three sets of either upper- or lowerbody exercises, either a placebo band or an Scalar Strength Band was worn on the wrist for a 24 hour period.
    • After the 24 rest period and wearing either Placebo or Scalar Strength Band, participants completed the same exercise completing 3 sets to failure.
    • The difference in number of repetitions completed was used to calculate the Z-scores for performance

The Results

  • It was found that the Scalar Strength Band significantly (P = 0.01) increased muscle endurance following a novel bout of exercise designed to induce DOMS, regardless of whether upper- or lower-body muscles were used. 
  • Participants were able to complete a higher number of repetitions compared to those administered the placebo.
  • Overall perception of effort was lower with the holographic discs relative to placebo.