Scalar Wave Generator – Chakra Renewer – QuWave


Eight different user-selectable modes of operation:

  1. Crown – to know – top of head (768Hz stimulates thought, spiritual life, deep self-knowledge, unity, consciousness, transcendence).
  2. Brow – to see – 3rd eye forehead (720Hz stimulates sight, both physical and intuitive/psychic, intellect).
  3. Throat – to speak – base of throat (672Hz enhances ability to express self, manifest).
  4. Heart – to love – center of body (594Hz stimulates love, integration, self-love, compassion, healing, relationships).
  5. Plexus – to act – high abdomen (528Hz ego, will, metabolism, personal power).
  6. Sacral – to feel – low abdomen (480Hz sexuality, emotions, pleasure, creativity, sensation).
  7. Root – to have – base of spine (432Hz enhances self, self-preservation, survival instincts, connection to our bodies and the earth).
  8. Cycle Mode – cycles through all modes in sequence, constantly alternating the frequencies generated.

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Powerful Chakra Renewer to renew, energize, balance, and align your Chakras and to cleanse/strengthen your aura. The QuWave Chakra Renewer is your total solution for fixing problems with your Chakras and your Aura. Simply turn it on, select which Chakra you want to improve, and stay within it’s energy cocoon while relaxing, meditating, or balancing. Many customers find improvement within one to eight sessions. Many leave it on all the time to get continuous improvements to your Biofield. Select mode from seven different vibrations for the various Chakras, including a cycle mode that constantly alternates frequencies to work each of the Chakras in sequence. Keep the Renewer in your bedroom, office, kitchen, or take it with you on the go – slip it in your purse, briefcase, laptop bag, or even in your coat pocket. When you’re at home, place it on the included stand or stash it in a drawer. You can relax knowing that the Chakra Renewer is restoring your energy field wherever you are!