Scalar EarPod Protect (2 pack)

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  • Balance the body and neutralize the negative effects of EMF/EMR
  • Apply directly to base of each earpiece
  • Slim/Flexible programmable material with strong adhesive ensures max adherence
  • Scalar Energy does not degrade over time and will last as long as the devise does
  • Scalar Protect Energy does not impact the performance of devices
  • Each Disc programmed with hundreds of frequencies known to be beneficial to humans
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Neutralize possible EMR damage from your Bluetooth/Wireless Pod Headset Speakers. Wrap the Scalar EarPod Protect disc around the base of the unit. Programmed with the same powerful Scalar Energy and Frequencies as our popular 5G Protect Disc. The Scalar frequencies programmed on the discs interact with your body to Energize Cells and Improve Bloodflow. This helps the body reduce thermal hear from wireless products in direct contact with the face.