Scalar AcuPoint 30 count


  • 1 pack of 30 Patches
  • Acupuncture without the Needles
  • Drug & Chemical Free
  • 24+ Hour Effectiveness
  • Nearly Invisible Design & Profile
  • Perfect for Everyday Use Between Needle Sessions
  • Suggested Placements: Scalar AcuPoint Placement Guide
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Scalar AcuPoint – Our Original and Best Selling Product! 

The patches, or “Points” are applied directly to clean, dry, oil-free skin at specific areas based on need. 

Much like an acupuncture needle, the “Points”, when placed on the skin, create a temperature difference known as a thermal temperature differentiation. This temperature difference creates an energetic effect known as Thermal Transduction which activates the Scalar Frequencies in the “Point” to interact with the body. 

Our specially designed Holographic “Points” are introduced to a Scalar field of helpful frequencies that embed into the Holographic “Point”, via the use of specially designed Tesla Coils and other proprietary equipment. These Scalar Waves and frequencies work with your body to increase cellular energy and improve blood flow, both of which are vital in Balance and Relief.