QuWave Electronic Scalar Defender Pendant


Electromagnetic pulsing Scalar Technology (QuWave QWP9)

  • Economy electronic Pendant provides active protection – much more effective than old-fashioned, passive pendants
  • Generates energy frequencies to neutralize the effects of targeted attacks, and improve overall health and well-being
  • Extremely lightweight – only 1 ounce – wear the QuWave Scalar Pendant around your neck, on your belt loop, or even in your pocket
  • Available in black and comes with a battery pre-loaded, extra battery, neckstrap lanyard, keychain ring, and belt clip
  • Made with care in the USA! QuWave Pendant includes a one year warranty and money-back guarantee

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QuWave’s economy Pendant with advanced pulsing technology provides targeted individuals with protection against electronic harassment, EMF, psychotronic, spiritual and psychic attacks. It uses electronic microprocessor technology and multi-wave pulsing output which is far superior to old-fashioned, passive pendants. The QuWave Pendant generates a protective cocoon of energy that you can take with you wherever you go. You can wear around your neck, carry it in your pocket, on your key-chain, or belt! This lightweight Pendant and comes with useful accessories including an extra battery, neck-strap lanyard, key-chain ring, and belt clip. A one year warranty is also included. Made with care in the USA!