Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 Scalar Pendant


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  • The Premier Pendant for Protection Against Negative EMF Effects
  • Package includes 1 brand new sleek, stylish, durable Q-Link Acrylic SRT-3 Pendant made in USA + 30” comfort cord + brochure
  • Proudly worn by pro athletes, doctors, celebrities, creative minds, business professionals, musicians, yoga, fitness & outdoor enthusiasts, students, and others
  • Awarded Best New PGA Product and freely endorsed by hundreds of touring golf pros around the world

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If you’re seeking an easy, natural and holistic approach to enhanced well-being, performance and quality of life – your search is over – because Q-Link delivers like no other. After all, Q-Link has been a pioneer in the human energy product space for almost 30 years with its legendary and proprietary Sympathetic Resonance Technology that was developed in conjunction with top Stanford & UC scientists and has been extensively researched & validated; so you can trust Q-Link. The moment you put your Q-Link Pendant on, the journey begins. For many, the experience is smooth and gradual. For others, it’s familiar because Q-Link facilitates the same beneficial resonant effects we enjoy in natural settings. Your body was built to be in nature, and it’s this powerful resonance dynamic that uniquely balances, restores and enhances body, mind and spirit. Your Q-Link Pendant will be a welcome addition to your life because getting enough nature isn’t always possible, and because your resonant energetic state affects virtually every aspect of your physiology: your body’s basic function, your ability to manage a fast-paced lifestyle, your resilience when facing life’s unavoidable stressors (like EMF), and your ability to perform at your best … especially under stress. But Q-Link benefits don’t stop there, because when your resonance is reinforced, you’re able to enjoy life more, get into the “Zone” more easily during your favorite activities or sport. In addition to enhanced creativity and improved focus, calm, awareness, balance and energy, Q-Link has also been shown to improve physical strength, flexibility and athletic performance, EEG function, protection against negative effects of EMF and more. That’s the brilliance of Q-Link – the proven power to support your resonance, consistently and effortlessly – so wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re simply better!